September 28,2020
This review is straight from my actual experience....I contacted Stephanie on her website and conveyed I have a 5mm Wide by 60% deep tear in my rotator cuff tendon the (supraspinatus tendon) and I was in searing and I mean searing pain...even after cortizone, prednizone, tramadol whatever...You name it I was trying it to manage the pain. After speaking she suggested Lemongrass and one other essential joint and muscle relief oil with four other ingredients in it like clove, wintergreen, basil etc. So out of shear desperation I took both bottles and started applying to the then (spreading) pain areas of my left shoulder and arm. When I tell you I felt an immediate relief! I mean it seriously! And I have never been a big advocate I guess I would call it of essential oils, mostly because I never gave it much thought...but man has that since changed. The pain has subsided to a completey managleble level....I have way more range of motion than I did literally 4 - 5 days ago, I am sleeoing better, and as an added bonus I smell better all the time due to the scent these oils give off :) (Wife said add that one in there)

Look I'm not syaing these oils are the holy grail for rotator cuff tears but they are giving me extreme relief and fast, and if nothing else my sanity as well as arm use back....Coupled with starting a strecthing and exercize routine daily I really feel confident that together (the oils and the program) I could possibly be fully recovered in 12 - 16 weeks...That's aggresive I know but that's my goal. All said and done regardless if your pain stems from a rotator cuff injury or any injury I think you should consider using this method. So to wrap it up... I fully endorse as well as highly recommnend Lisa's Herbs and Oils and if your suffering you should call Stephanie.
Mark Battalini
Boca Raton, Fl


September 23, 2017

I want to share something special with you tonight. For the last three months I've been putting a drop of rose oil on the palm of my hand to warm it, taking deep breaths and then putting one hand on my heart setting an intention for self-love, something I think we could all use. Rose oil is the oil with the highest frequency and immediately triggers areas in the brain. I've been shopping for essential oils for many years and have found great companies along the way, but a lot of them are overpriced and I don't share the same values with the companies (that's a longer story). For the last 2 years I've been purchasing most of my oils from Lisa, a woman that has been in the aromatherapy industry for over 20 years. Her rose oil is exceptional and has helped me numerous times in my battle with depression and anxiety. A lot of people are silently suffering and that's why I want to pass on this message. Lisa obtains this precious oil from a reliable source in Hungary and I've gifted it to special people in my life. Lisa's price is extremely reasonable compared to other prices you'll find online, and it is 100% pure. All you need is one drop and often times I use it as a fragrance and receive many compliments. If you are interested in this oil or any of Lisa's oils you can visit the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood Florida or go to www.lisasherbsandoils.com and support a local brand ❤️

Patricia Montennegro

Hollywood, Florida 



June 8, 2017

I was rushed to the ER with symptoms presenting as a stroke. I had left side weakness and confusion. I was later admitted and spent the next 10 days in the hospital. It was found that due to the tremendous stress I had been under the year before I had carotid artery blockage that required radical surgery in order to survive. 

I was discharged home and needed additional care. Three months later I had a terrible knee injury due to the weakness from the Ischemic attacks (mini strokes) and tore my meniscus root, ACL and fractured my tibia. One thing I failed to mention is that I am a massage therapist, so this made it very challenging to continue working. It has been 6 months since the surgery and I am still in physical therapy but now is where I tell you how essential oils have made a difference. 

Once I was no longer acute, I incorporated essential oils to aid in my cognitive functions which including calming me to help regulate my blood pressure. I later added a blend that I massaged everyday to the injured knee. When I would visit my doctors for my follow ups they were amazed how my recovery was moving along so rapidly. I was now told I no longer needed surgery! 

 I want to be clear that I did not replace my treatments that my doctors had me on but I knew there was more I could do to help myself. I now have gone back to massage and share essential oils with my clients thanks to Lisa Ruff.

Gina DiStefano

Boynton Beach, Florida



June 21, 2016
 Thank you to Lisa Ruff Lisa's Herbs and Oils for the enormous amount of useful information on essential oils and her incredible oils and products. I am grateful to all the participants as well. It is so fun coming together as a group sharing the desire to learn more about natural, holistic ways of healing ourselves physically and emotionally!

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Michelle from The Pilates Preserve

Boca Raton, Florida




May 2, 2016 



"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere." Chinese Proverb We are so grateful, at Skin Apeel, to have such great teachers. Today, our team was honored to share time with Lisa Ruff, of Lisa's Herbs and Oils. Lisa is both a certified Herbalist and Aromatherapist (1996) who started studying health back in 1974. She holds a B.S. in psychology and nutrition.

Lisa started with Young Living oils in 1996 then ventured out on her own in 2004. In 2009, Lisa went full force and started her own line! Four times in the last year, Lisa has been the guest speaker at Nova University for the Osteopathic Medical Students. Today, she shared with the ladies at Skin Apeel some of her amazing essential oils and custom blends. Aromatherapy is proven to be a 10,000 years old practice and oils to help heal just about anything you can imagine. Our team left today's training feeling energized and excited. We are happy to share our aromatherapy experience with our clients!

Kim from Skin Apeel Spa

Boca Raton, Florida


April 28, 2016
I am so happy that I came across Lisa and her oils. My husband suffers from the sciatic nerve. When I met Lisa at the Yellow green market in hollywood, she immediately suggested the spruce oil for him. She even massaged it in the area that is aggravated by the sciatica. Not only did it smell wonderful it has helped him a lot. We have been applying it since and it is no longer a painful issue for him. I myself asked if they had anything for Neuropathy. Immediately Lisa did a blend for me. She told me to apply one drop three times a day to the bottom of my feet. I apply a drop in the morning and at bedtime. I have been sleeping so soundly with no pain to my feet. I feel like I am getting back some feeling to my feet the numbness seems to be ceasing. 
Every time I have a question, Lisa always responds immediately. My girlfriends and I attended her Basic Essential oil class this past week and it was so informative. We got to smell a lot of oils and told what each oil is for. My girlfriends and I loved her class. My girlfriends could not stop thanking me for introducing them to the essential oils. We all walked out of her class with several oils each for ailments we are dealing with. Lisa, thank you so much. You have a customer for life.
Hollywood, Florida



April 27, 2016

 "When I decided my new direction in life was to educate myself and others on the use of Essential Oils and herbs, Lisa made room in her schedule and life for me. Mostly one on one as I was residing out of state at the time. Her passion is catching and her knowledge humbling. There is not a time I've reached out to her that she was not available to guide me. "


Boca Raton, Florida




April 20, 2016

Dear Lisa,

Your new product "The Inhaler" is absolutely amazing. In a matter of seconds, one inhale in each nostril cleared my sinuses with no ill effects. Thanks so much it's wonderful!!!

Les Haber, National Sales Director/ Talk Media Network

Hollywood, Florida





February 2016

"Lisa's classes are fun, easy and empowering. I found myself making blends and expanding my knowledge very quickly. At the same time, she always makes herself available to me if I think I want to check something out or need her help. Some of the things I have successfully used essential oils for since studying with Lisa include my grandson's ear infection (with immediate results), my Rabbi's upper respiratory infection (with immediate results), treating adrenal stress, torn rotator cuff, severe emotional grief, gum and tooth discomfort in myself, insomnia in both myself and my 31/2 year old granddaughter, sinus congestion in a friend and severe nausea in a friend being treated with Cancer. A year ago I knew nothing about the oils. Now with the help Of Lisa and the internet, I have yet to find anything they haven't worked on. Also, although I have tried raindrop therapy with many other practitioners, none were as wonderful or healing as Lisa's raindrop sessions."    


Boca Raton, Florida




August 2014                                        

My name is Tina and I was diagnosed with Cervical Dysplasia (Stage II Cancer)

 I immediately called Lisa who started me on a regiment to strengthen my Immune system.  Health goes a long way toward suppressing viruses and abnormal growths.

Unfortunately there is a deficit of education in this area of women’s health. Our health system has failed us once again, thank God for people like Lisa who work endlessly to heal us. To this day, some researchers still categorize cervical cancer as an STD, and many doctors do not receive specific training nor do they follow up with current research. Considering that many misdiagnosis and unnecessary invasive procedures can result from lack of information and faulty testing procedures. Yikes…it could have been me with major surgery!!!

Lisa’s regiment of herb’s and supplements strengthened my immune system allowing my body to heal naturally.  I feel great, I am back to "normal" and continue to seek her advice on a regular basis.

 My Granddaughter Elle has a compromised immune system, basically allergic to everything. EpiPen kid! Lisa worked to identify and eliminate allergens and correct underlying factors affecting her little body.  Her recommendations have helped to heal her over worked adrenal glands anti-inflammatory capabilities and rebuild her liver.  She is a gift to our family, God bless Lisa!

Delray Beach, Florida




November 2012

Lisa's Essential oils have changed my life and my business practice as a holistic Aesthetician. After taking a class from Lisa I began to use the oils not only as an aromatherapy but also to help heal the client emotionally with whatever ailed them during their monthly facial visit. These oils have increased the healing of both my clients skin as well as their emotional state of mind and taken my business to a whole new level! I can't say enough about how they have transformed my life. Lisa is amazing and so are her oils! 
Heidi Reiner
San Diego, Ca.
(Owner) Dermalilly Skincare


Essential Oil Tidbit: Bergamot turns grief into Joy! 


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