Clinical Study Shows Essential Oils Drastically Improve Absorption of Nutrients

This is from Natural Awakenings Broward edition April 2016:

"Many people rely on their morning green drink as an important source for their daily nutrients. Some put a scoop of green powder in a shaker, others blend their leafy greens and squeeze the juice through a seed bag separating the juice from the pulp. Some simply swallow a few capsules.

Recent clinical experience has discovered a huge difference in greens without the addition of Essential Oils versus the addition of Essential Oils . In one experiment, powdered greens without Essential Oils were consumed and there was a blood absorption of 42 % at the end of a 24 hour period. 

Essential Oils were added to the same formula and there was a blood absorption of 64 % in only 30 minutes which rose to 86 % in one hour. 
The evidence suggests that with the addition of Essential Oils, cells are now receiving nutrients that they had previously not been able to assimilate. So the next time you reach for your greens....add a few drops of Essential Oils."

My comments:
Start with organic Orange oil, or another citrus. Peppermint and Fennel aid in digestion. Frankincense is for deep health issues. 
Or just rub some Essential Oils on your body when consuming!