For all you Esoterics:

In Ancient times the etheric qualities of essential oils were widely employed by priests and priestesses of virtually all religions. Being so subtle and immaterial, scent was regarded as divine. Amongst other things, fragrant oils were used to attract spirits, gods and goddesses, to banish evil energies and to purify the temples. Devotees and worshipers anointed themselves to offer sweet aromas to the gods and to facilitate divine communion through the subtle energy of these sacred scents.

Recently, the study of the physical and emotional effects of aromatics has become a specialized aspect of herbalism, now widely known as aromatherapy. Aromatherapists employ both the phytochemical properties of essential oils (e.x anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory etc.) which render them effective remedies, as well as utilizing their more etheric qualities as therapeutics for the mind and spirit. Aromatherapy can therefore be regarded as a truly holistic treatment for the body-mind and the spirit.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Guiding Planet Uses and Effects

BASIL - Mars Aura cleansing, purification, ceremonial cleansing of sacred space, helps to attract spirit beings, courage, inner strength. Relaxing and revitalizing, Basil is revered as a sacred herb all over the world. In the Hindu religion it is sacred to both Vishnu and Krishna. Use with caution. Avoid during pregnancy.

BERGAMOT - Sun Used to elevate the spirit, clarify the mind, assist confidence and inner strength, to help overcome dis-empowerment, victim consciousness, despondency, assist connecting to higher self and inner purpose, relaxing and revitalizing. Photo sensitizing; only use Bergapten free oil on skin if it is exposed to sunlight after use.

CAJEPUT - Moon Purification, cleansing, protection, to help dispel negative thoughts and energies and to break habits and compulsions, allies metal clarity. Use with caution.

CARROT SEED - Mercury/Mars Associated with love magic and aphrodisiac potions. Also used for revitalizing mature skin.

CEDARWOOD - VIRGINIAN Sun Used for protection and purification of magical spaces, aura cleansing, to dispel negative energies, exorcism and banishing rites, to open spiritual channels, very potent. Use with caution. Avoid during pregnancy.

CHAMOMILE, ROMAN - Sun To help bring inner peace, letting go of fear and worry, acceptance, gain confidence based on inner attunement, compassion.

CINNAMON - Sun/Mercury Used to stimulate mental powers, focus of intent and concentration, to open channels of communication on spiritual as well as physical planes, to open heart chakra, used in love potions, to clear energy blockages connected to issues of giving and receiving and thus may stimulate flow of money. In Egypt it was used for preserving Mummies. Use with caution(skin). Avoid during pregnancy.

CITRONELLA - Sun Used to refresh a weary mind, uplift the spirit, hope, purification, letting go of heavy and dark thought-forms, dispel negative energies. Insect repellent.

CLARY SAGE - Jupiter Help to release tension, purification, protection, chakra work, energy balancing, connection with higher self, to help gain spiritual perspective on mundane problems, wisdom, understanding. Avoid during pregnancy. Do not use In conjunction with alcohol.

CLOVE - Mars/Jupiter Used to revitalize and stimulate mental and physical energy, invoke courage, inner strength, protection, healing, stimulate kundalini energy, used in love potions and money magic.

CORIANDER - Moon Used in love potions to act on the base and heart chakras and thus is suitable for wedding/hand-fasting rites, especially when the bond is intended to last beyond space and time. Compassion, protection, astral travel.

CYPRESS - Saturn Promote spiritual understanding, letting go of pain, overcoming separation and losses, rites of completion, death, purification. Avoid during pregnancy.

EUCALYPTUS - Moon/Mercury Purification, healing rites, exorcism, banishing negative energies.

FENNEL - Sweet Mercury Protection, consecration, purification, longevity, courage, focus, transformation, meditation, understanding, concentration, fertility. Not recommended during first months of pregnancy.

FRANKINCENSE - Sun Considered as food for the gods, used for purification, consecration, meditation, spiritual understanding, focus of intent, courage, protection, help overcome fear, negative feelings, loss, grief, compassion.

GERANIUM - Venus Protection, dispels, apprehension and negativity, balances inner male and female energies, detachment, flexibility.

GINGER - Moon/Mars Used for self awareness, to stimulate energy, mental or magical work, courage, protection, success, stirs kundalini, love potions.

GRAPEFRUIT - Sun To assist mental clarity, self-confidence, overcoming self-doubt, insecurities and negative emotions that keep one bonded to the pain of past experiences, to help deal with jealousy, envy, despondency and bitterness, releasing frustration.

HYSSOP - Saturn Purification, protection, spiritual/aura cleansing, consecration of sacred objects and spaces, banishing of negative energies and angst. Avoid during pregnancy or if suffering from epilepsy or high blood pressure.

JASMINE - Absolute Venus/Moon Used to increase inner strength, reawaken lost interest, to attract love, stimulate kundalini energy. Jasmine is thought to resonate on both physical and spiritual levels and is thus used in tantric rituals, for mental and emotional peace, astral travel, to lift the spirit, dispel heavy emotions, birthing rites. Avoid during first 4 months of pregnancy.

JUNIPER - Sun Purification, protection, to dispel negative energies and entities, healing rituals, psychic cleansing, crystal cleansing, aids concentration, focus of intent, centering, skin toner, relaxing. Use with caution. Avoid during pregnancy.

LAVENDER - Mercury Used for inner peace, purification, meditation, protection against emotional/physical violence, health, spiritual love, understanding, mental clarity, to lift the spirit, centering and grounding, love commitments, hand-fasting/marriage, birthing rites, new beginnings. This is probably the most widely used essential oil in aromatherapy and is employed in a vast array of conditions.

LEMON - Sun Used to increase clarity of mind, to refresh the spirit, energizing, purification, healing rituals, break apathy and inertia, compassion, love.

LEMONGRASS - Sun Purification, to clear psychic channels, break apathy and boredom, energizing, to overcome self-pity and exaggerated self-centeredness. Insect repellent.

LIME - Sun Used for revitalizing the mind and spirit, protection, energies intent of action, purification, cutting through blurred vision and fuzziness, to help gain clarity and decisiveness.

MANDARIN ORANGE - Sun For letting go of negative emotions, soothing emotional wounds to help gain a sense of self-acceptance, to diffuse self-hate, to elevate the spirit, to open the heart chakra, promote inner peace and happiness.

MARJORAM - Venus Sacred to Venus, used to increase compassion, to open the heart chakra, overcome irrational fear and paranoia, to help gain perspective, grounding, used as a funeral herb to promote an easy transition and blissful existence in the spirit realm, protection against thunder and lightning. Avoid during pregnancy.

MYRTLE - Venus Attract love and peace, promote prosperity, fertility, happiness, rejuvenation.

MYRRH - Saturn Traditionally considered to be one of the most holy plants used for purification, dispelling of negative and harmful energies, protection, psychic sensitivity, protection on journeys to the spirit realm, rites of passage, spiritual understanding, letting go or transcending pain, grief and sorrow, grounding, an essential ingredient of Egyptian embalming lotions. Avoid during pregnancy.

NEROLI - (orange blossom) Sun Used for centering, focus of intent, to clear mental confusion, to open the heart chakra, dispels fear and worries, attracts positive energies, happiness, soothes restlessness, hysteria and shock.

ORANGE - Sun Used to refresh the mind and uplift the spirit, energy, rejuvenation, letting go of heavy thought forms, opening the heart and mind for love joy and happiness.

PATCHOULI - Saturn/Pluto Used as a potent aphrodisiac, to enhance sensuality, awaken kundalini energy, grounding, assists manifestation.

PEPPER, BLACK - Mars, banishes negativity, exorcism, protects from evil, removes jealousy toward you, uncrosses curses.

PEPPERMINT - Mercury/Venus Purification, mental clarity, dispel negative thought forms and energies, cleansing sacred space and ritual objects, to increase psychic sensitivity. Caution: Not recommended during first 4 months of pregnancy.

PINE - Saturn Purification, cleansing of sacred space and ritual objects, dispel negative energy, crystal cleansing, protection, fertility, birth, inner strength, understanding, healing rituals, prosperity consciousness, manifestation.

ROSE - Venus For love, inner peace and compassion, to open heart chakra, happiness, prophetic dreams, to help overcome dependency and attachment, letting go of the past, dispel fear, sadness, grief and regrets. Caution: Not recommended during first 4 months of pregnancy.

ROSEMARY - Sun Used for inner strength, self-confidence, mental clarity, focus of intent, to break apathy and inertia, protection, purification, cleansing of sacred space and ritual objects, spiritual awareness and understanding, for memory, to assist transition into the spirit realm, funeral rites, rites of passage. Caution: Not recommended during first 4 months of pregnancy or if suffering from high blood pressure.

SAGE - Jupiter Used for aura cleansing, to dispel negative energies, purification, protection, spiritual understanding and wisdom, divination. Caution: Avoid during pregnancy or if suffering from high blood pressure.
Great to spray where you cannot burn sage!

SANDALWOOD - Jupiter Extremely sacred in Eastern religions, spiritual awareness, inner peace, alignment with higher purpose, wisdom, dispel fears and negative energies, divination, meditation, understanding laws of manifestation, prosperity consciousness, healing rituals, passage into the spirit realm, transcendence, relaxing.

SPEARMINT - Venus Healing rituals, purification, aura cleansing, crystal cleansing, protection against negative energies during dream work, mental clarity and focus. Avoid during pregnancy.

TEA TREE - Moon/Mercury Used for aura cleansing, protection, purification, to open mental channels and mental clarity, unclog upper chakras. Wide application in aromatherapy.

THYME - Venus Emotional balance, to help align balance between give and take, promotes health, purification, protection, inner strength and emotional courage. Use with caution.

VALERIAN - Mercury Protection against lightning, peace, passion, taming, purification, harmony in relationships, centering, grounding, favorite of feline familiars. Very relaxing. Use with caution.

VANILLA - Venus Love, to stimulate base chakra, mental powers, stimulate energy.

VETIVER - Mercury, Grounding, protection, honor, self esteem, protects from negativity, assists after trauma, attracts $, restful sleep.

WINTERGREEN - Mercury/Moon, Protection, healing, hex breaking, self lover, increases right brain(creativity/female energy), works well with sound(music, tuning forks, etc).

YLANG YLANG - Venus, Dispels jealousy for troubled minds, helps to love self when can’t easily, allows one to see beauty, soothes frustrations.

Hope you enjoyed this more spiritual & magical approach to the essential oils.

Use the essential oils as in breathing, applying to pulse points on body (with carrier oil if preferred) or neat (without carrier oil). Carrier oil would be coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba, almond, etc). Putting essential oil with water and spraying, diffusing, applying to hankie, cotton ball, etc!